5 Reasons Why Invisalign® Is Still So Popular

Jun 10, 2022

5 Reasons Why Invisalign® Is Still So Popular

Since its inception, Invisalign® has taken the cosmetic dentistry world by storm, offering people with alignment and bite problems a new way to get the smile of their dreams. 

But does it still live up to the hype?

Here, our team of experts at Lifetime Dental Care in Woodbridge, Virginia, takes a closer look at just five reasons why Invisalign remains the gold standard and why so many are opting for clear aligners over traditional metal braces. Drs. April Toyer, Leonard Toyer, Edward Park, Christy Hark, and Payal Patel have the answers to any questions you might have about Invisalign. 

#1 You can straighten your teeth on your terms

You’re already self-conscious about your smile problem. Now you have to highlight those problems with a set of plastered-on metal wires? Not anymore. Because Invisalign aligners are clear, they’re virtually invisible to those around you. That means you have the power to straighten your teeth without telling the whole world about it.

If you’re still feeling nervous about someone noticing your aligners, you can take them out to snap a picture or make a first impression. Just make sure you wear them for the recommended amount of time every day (around 20-22 hours).

You also don’t have to rely on the dentist to make adjustments. Around every two weeks, you simply switch to the next set of aligners to gradually straighten your smile. 

#2 Oral hygiene is a breeze

Traditional braces come with a long list of care instructions, especially when it comes to keeping your teeth clean. But with Invisalign, you can easily remove your aligners when needed and continue your regular oral hygiene routine. 

#3 No more painful wires

Invisalign aligners are made with smooth plastic — not harsh metal wires like traditional braces. You can say goodbye to emergency appointments with your dentist to fix a broken wire. Bonus: Your aligners are custom-made to fit your mouth and are comfortable against your gum line.

#4 You can eat your favorite foods

With traditional braces, a few of your favorite treats and snacks may be forbidden. But when you opt for Invisalign, you can eat what you want when you want. Simply remove your aligners when you’re ready to eat, and then clean your teeth before putting them back in. 

#5 Results are fast and meant to last

On average, you have to wear braces for 1-3 years. Invisalign aligners, on the other hand, can fix your smile in as little as 12-18 months (6 months if your smile problems are minor), giving you the smile of your dreams in a fraction of the time. Once your treatment is over, we fit you for a retainer that you wear full-time for at least three months. Then you wear your retainer at night to ensure that your smile stays put for the long haul.

The bottom line

Traditional braces certainly have their place, especially if your smile problems are severe. But we know that they’re not always the best course of action. Invisalign gives you the freedom and flexibility to correct minor to moderate alignment and bite issues without sacrificing other areas of your lifestyle. 

How do I know if Invisalign is right for me?

A simple consultation with one of our dentists is all it takes to find out if you’re a candidate for Invisalign. This revolutionary teeth-straightening system is incredibly versatile and can address many dental issues, including:

  • Overbite and underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Overcrowding
  • Gapped teeth
  • Open bite

If we determine that Invisalign is an option for you, we begin creating your aligners. We use 3D images to show you how the aligners will gradually move your teeth into their final position and take impressions of your teeth to make sure your aligners fit your teeth exactly. 

Ready to get started on your journey toward a better smile? We’d love to talk with you. Call our friendly staff at 703-499-9779 or schedule an appointment online at our office today.