The Different Types of Tooth Extractions

Jun 01, 2020

The Different Types of Tooth Extractions

Many patients don’t expect that nearly three-quarters of all adults have to have a tooth extracted at some point in their lives. While many people think of extractions as being primarily used to remove wisdom teeth, three different forms of this procedure exist. Each of them has a distinct use, and some require the use of general anesthesia. Lifetime Dental Care is able to provide all three forms of extraction and is proud to serve the dental needs of Woodbridge, VA.

What Can Lead To Needing A Tooth Extraction Performed?

Each of the three different forms of tooth extraction is performed for different reasons. While extensive decay and lack of room for wisdom teeth are the most common reasons for an extraction to be performed, there are more. The following list includes a few more of these reasons:

  • Dental trauma
  • Impaction
  • Damage too extension for crowns
  • Severe dental crowding
  • Orthodontic preparation

While there are many other potential reasons for needing a dental extraction, these stand as the most common seen by dentists. The three different forms of dental extraction, including simple extractions, tooth root removals, and impacted tooth extraction, can address all of them.

What Is Simple Tooth Extraction?

Simple tooth extractions are so common they represent the most frequently performed procedure in dental offices. This form of removal is used when the entire tooth can be removed without needing to get below the gum line. They are typically performed with local anesthesia and a pair of forceps.

What Is An Impacted Tooth Extraction?

This form of extraction is the one used when wisdom teeth need to be removed. As a surgical procedure, the patient is typically fully anesthetized for the procedure as the dentist cuts through the gum and into the bone to extract the tooth. Left untreated, impacted teeth can cause abscesses, tumors, and misalignment or breakage of neighboring teeth.

What Is A Tooth Root Removal?

When the exposed portion of your tooth has completely rotted or broken away due to trauma or as part of a simple tooth extraction, root removal may be necessary. This process involves local anesthesia and a little time in the dental chair to ensure your residual roots are removed, and any complications or discomfort is eased. This form of extraction is one of the rarest, as most simple extractions happen easily, and they aren’t relevant to impacted tooth extractions.

If you’re concerned you may need a tooth extracted, and want to know what to expect from your procedure, call Lifetime Dental Care today. Dr. April J Toyer is ready to receive you and help you address all of your oral health concerns. Whether you live in Woodbridge, VA, or are in the surrounding area, our office will be happy to receive you. Don’t let a broken, decayed, and painful tooth continue to impact your quality of life. Most extractions are simple, painless affairs that can happen in a single visit, so call us today!

April Toyer, DDS, FAAPD

April Toyer, DDS, FAAPD

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