The Importance Of Diet Concerned Our Oral Health

Mar 07, 2021

The Importance Of Diet Concerned Our Oral Health

Throughout our lives we’ve been chastised about our dietary choices anytime they could pose the slightest risk to our dental health. Through it all, we’ve never heard one word of praise for all the food choices that can actually benefit our oral health. While sugars and acidic foods can damage our teeth, there’s a broad range of foods that are not only safe for our teeth, they’re downright beneficial. Were going to spend some time in this article talking about what foods are good for your teeth and how they help.

Potassium, Phosphorous, and Calcium Are Essential Elements For Your Teeth

Proper Food Choices For Your Oral Health

Before we mention the foods that are good for your health, we’lldeliver an old standby. No matter what your diet is you’ll always need to maintain a regular routine of mouthwash, brushing, and flossing. All the structures in our mouth benefit from these practices, including our lips, tongue, jawbone, and cheeks. All of the structures in our mouth are complex and need a variety of nutrients to keep healthy and thriving. The following minerals and nutrients are essential to your diet.

  • Calcium Rich Foods – Important to building the strength and structure of our teeth, calcium can be found in salmon, yogurt, milk, almonds, cheese, and tofu.
  • Phosphorous Rich Foods – This mineral works with calcium to provide healthy teeth, just like it does in our bones. Fish, lean meat, eggs, nuts, and beans are a good source of phosphorous.
  • Vitamin C – Vitamin C, also known as citric acid, is necessary for healthy gums. It’s easily obtained in citrus fruits, but be careful with your teeth. The acid is fully capable of harming your teeth if not rinsed away.

All of the above foods have one additional benefit, and that’s that many of them make excellent snacks that are healthy and filling. By selecting the above snacks you’ll reduce the amount of carbohydrates you’re taking in. This helps your teeth as carbohydrates convert to sugars in the body.

No matter what you’re snacking on, be sure to rinse after eating to remove debris

Your Children Also Benefit From Good Oral Health Nutrition

Even before your baby is born their teeth are starting to develop, and they’re already present when they’re born waiting to erupt. This means that all of the above nutrients are necessary for them right out of the womb. Obviously you’ll want to focus on your diet first, but once they transition to eating ‘real’ food make certain that these nutrients are present in their diet. If you want to discover more foods that are good for your oral health and can help protect and strengthen your teeth, reach out to your dentist. They’ll be able to answer your questions and provide alternatives if the options on this list won’t work for your family.

April Toyer, DDS, FAAPD

April Toyer, DDS, FAAPD

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